cordyceps neu 5Natural dietary supplement Cordyceps

Cordyceps has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. This funghi is a highly valuable resource due to its restricted accessibility inĀ  natural environment. It grows only in small quantities on highly sloped terrain just a couple of days per year. Because the demand for this funghi has rapidly increased over a couple of decades, various scientists all over the world are trying to master its cultivation. Thus it is not unusual that growing of Cordyceps can lead to various conflicts. Our company’s effort is to avoid scarcity of this resource and make Cordyceps available to everyone in the form of a completely natural product.
We highly recommend Cordyceps to physically active people, especially after prolonged physical activity.

Mix one to two table-spoons (5-10g) of Cordyceps into yoghurt, juices or simply with a glass of water. Ingestion after a meal is especially recommended, as well as dividing intakes into smaller parts, consumed throughout the day.

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